Our mission is simple: Deliver a superior product that most other retailers no longer have available.

Our Story

Brixton Baker was founded by fashion industry veterans who believe the traditional channels of fashion secondary distribution has become out dated. Once leaving department stores, thousands of products sit idle in warehouses throughout the United States with no real means to sell direct to consumers. In many cases these products are sold in “lots” and sent overseas to foreign buyers.

Through years of loyal service to some of the most respected fashion retailers, the founders of Brixton Baker were able to setup a network of secondary distributors (also known as "Fashion Apparel Jobbers"). We use this network to create an efficient distribution channel to sell direct to consumers.

All products sold on are new, typically overstock, and are either shipped to us direct from a partner fashion distributors or one of its affiliate distributors.

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Our Process

The product sent to your door begins its journey at one of our partner distributors or one of its approved affiliate distributors. Each Monday, we receive a “master list” from each of the organizations on our network which contains the product imagery, description, and quantity available. We post these products on our website and check/update the status (i.e. availability) hourly.

Once a product is sold, we contact the partner distributor and request the product to be sent to our facility near Los Angeles, CA (in most cases we receive it in one to two days). We then inspect the product to ensure it is flawless and then immediately sent it to you; the customer.

After you receive the product, you have a seven day “return period” to initiate the return of the product if you are not happy with it for any reason (To learn more about our return policy, please click HERE).

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People come first:

We consider our impact on people’s lives before we think about our own interests.

No fine print:

We are completely transparent and honest - with our customers and with each other.

It’s on us:

We take full accountability for our actions, never shirking responsibility or passing the buck.

Simpler is better:

We make complex things simple and clear.

Push the envelope:

We never stop innovating, taking smart risks, and raising the bar.

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Current Response Time:

20 Min or Less